Ella's puppies are born and wow are they cute. 

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied by your choice of pet. All of our Aussiedoodle puppies come fully vet certified. They undergo a wellness exam, have all the required vaccinations, and come with a personal medical record booklet.

New Puppies are now here. Puppy picking will begin about the 4th week of age. Enjoy the pictures and see them live on Facebook @flatlanderdoodles


This is Moose (Gracie)

Moose was our problem puppy. We found Moose in the blanket on our couch. None the less Moose is a cute little boy weighing in at 457 grams. 

Mackenzie 7.JPG

This is Mackenzie  (Gracie)

Mackenzie was found upstairs in Heathers closet with Gracie. She figured she was having puppies right there (no we took them down to the whelping box). Mackenzie is a little boy weighing in at 446 grams.

Fraser 2_edited.jpg

This is Fraser  (Gracie)

Fraser is the first puppy that we "saw" being born. I'm sure his white ruff will stand out from the pack. Fraser is a little boy with a weight of 434.

Yukon 3_edited.jpg

This is Yukon  (Gracie)

Yukon is our first gorgeous little girl. She is a Blue Merle and already moving all over the place. Yukon a bit smaller than the boys weighing in at 411 grams. 

Churchill 5.JPG

This is Churchill  (Gracie)

Churchill is black with a white cross on her chest, white tipped paws and incredibly cute soft coat. She weights a total of 450 grams. 

Peace 6.JPG

This is Peace  (Gracie)

Peace is our first brown Merle and also the runt. Don't let her size fool you, she is a tiger (in the puppy form) Peace weighs 380 grams.

Saugeen 3.JPG

This is Saugeen  (Gracie)

Saugeen also a brown Merle. Wow sticking his tongue out us already but ever so cute. Saugeen weighing in at 450 grams.


This is Blueberry  (Gracie)

Just look at that face Oh My Goodness. Blueberry already has peoples attention. He is going to be BIG born with a weight of 457 grams.